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The World of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a role-playing game, first created in 1987 and developed by Square Enix. The game was an original idea of game developer Hironobu Sakaguchi. He was about to give up on his developing carrier when he tried with his one last idea and gained an incredible success.

Known for many sequels

Because the game was so popular, like most RPG games, they created sequels – how many it would take a long time to count – and are promising more games in the future. Of course as any such big franchise, they didn’t stick just to the main story; they created remakes, games just for online play and even spin-offs. Because they have created so many, the developers needed to get fresh ideas what to do with the game, so that the fans would still want to play it. Starting on role-playing they involved multiplayer games, more action, third-person shooter, racing and even slots on happyluke.

Due to the game’s booming success they also created movies and anime. Of course we cannot forget to mention all the fandom stories that came out for the characters.

Game’s Storyline

Most games in the franchise are individual stories with different characters that have a similar vibe in all the games. While the developers wanted the game to be something else every time, they still stuck with the game’s basic elements, techniques and strategies, so that the players who already played the game would not need long tutorials.

With selling more than 130 million copies around the world, Final Fantasy is one of the best-selling games out there. Besides an amazing gameplay and better graphics every time, the game is also known for the incredible music score that accompanies each game.

Our role with the game

The game has a big fandom that is only growing. Us, being the fans of the game for many years as well, decided to create Final Fantasy figurines from all the games, so that you can have your fantasy in real life.


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