Who We Are

Welcome to our website!

My name is Jeffery Anderson and I am pleased to meet you. You are probably on this page because you are a Final Fantasy fan. Good news, so are we!

We created this website for all the fans out there that are similar to us and want more than just playing the game.

We thought long and hard to what we can contribute to the fandom and we finally decided to make 3D figurines of the characters from the Final Fantasy franchise.

We are a small team of 10 people who design and came up with these little statues.

Every single one of us is a fan of something in our lives. Playing a game or watching a movie sometimes simply isn’t enough. We want something of the game in our lives, in our living room or bedroom. Or we want to meet the actors from that movie we watched 10 times when we were a child.

Most of the times that couldn’t happen and if you think back about your childhood; we often imagined these characters or we made them out of sticks and cloth.

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you can get your childhood wish come true and get the figurines of your favorite characters.