What We Do

Here at XIVPads we want to make your game a reality.

We started off as a team of 5 Final Fantasy fans that decided that playing this awesome game just wasn’t enough. We wanted to recreate the franchise’s world in your living room.

Now a team of 10 creators, we make 3D Final Fantasy figurines of all sizes. We are not selling these in advance. There are no figurines made. You simply make an order: you tell us which character you want, what you want them to wear, what weapon you want them to carry and how big you want them. All these things determine the price of the figurine, which will be applied once you make your order.

If you want to make an order, go to our contact page. You can write us via e-mail, visit our workshop or simply call us and tell us what is the right fantasy figurine for you.

Make sure you consider these things within your order:

  • Size of the figurine (from small to large)
  • Their weapon of choice (extra)
  • The edition of the character
  • Their clothing (extra)

You have to pay for every extra item. A small figurine is from 100-200$, depends on the character. A large one is from 700-1000$.