What Can We Expect From the New Final Fantasy Game

We all love when Square Enix announces a new game. In the end of 2017 they made a promise to release more than one Final Fantasy game. Now, we all know that the Final Fantasy franchise has so many games that we don’t even know if we can count them. But somehow we are always happy when we hear about the new game.

A remake and a different title

The 7th game in the installment is getting a remake. But that is not all they are releasing in 2018. In November it is rumored that we are going to get a holiday release of the game called Kingdom Hearts 3. Don’t get too sad with the title. While it is different and it is not a Final Fantasy game, a lot of the franchise’s characters are going to be in the game and so are some of the game’s characteristics and gameplay.

What can we expect

A remake of a game is just another version for more game options, a better experience and a more enhanced story. We can also expect better graphic details and perhaps be introduced to some new characters. All in all, a Final Fantasy game hardly disappoints, so whatever they will release, the fans will be thrilled to play.

When the 15th installment of the game was a big success last year, we expect nothing less from the new one. We will probably have DLC expansions for the new games and as well we expect it will be playable on every console.

What we would want to see

Every time there is a new game coming we want it bigger and better and more exciting. We would like to see graphic improvements as well as new stories, meet more new characters that can offer us something new and that we would be excited to play with them and explore the locations the franchise hasn’t showed us yet.

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