Final Fantasy Game Through The Years

Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Have you played more than three games from the franchise? Then you must have seen the changes made in the game through the years. From characters to graphics and gameplay; how has the game changed through the years?

The biggest changes

Final Fantasy has been around since we all can remember and it went through one of the biggest transformation in gaming history. From characters, to all the sequels and side-games, of course we can’t forget about the first pixilated graphics to todays highly developed graphics that looks like the characters are real people.

The first fantasy

First game in the franchise was published in 1987 and it was a RPG game. It was simple: it had a main road map, a dungeon map, a town map and the “fighting” screen. Your character could travel from one point of the map to the next one by simply walking there. Not like the strategy today’s games have, where you can “jump” from one point to the other, but at least you got the view of the world you were playing in.

Different storylines

When you decide to create such a big gaming franchise you have to consider the story. If the story was the same in every single game, the players would quickly get bored. Creating an almost unique story in every single game got the gamers on their feet with anticipation.

While some had a totally individual story, others were connected and some games even got their own sequels and prequels and side stories the player could follow.

The graphics for sore eyes

As we said before the game started with a simple RPG engine. The idea behind the game was role-playing. But after a few games the developers wanted to take the game to the next level. When 3D games started trending, Final Fantasy had to step up their game, creating role-playing games and making them more dynamic.

Soon they started to involve more gaming options and even third person shooter, which many fans wanted for the game, since it makes your character more accessible.

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